Each year since 1995, Arizona Council of Grandmothers has gathered for renewal and inspiration.  Due to the pandemic, we have elected to continue our gatherings in a virtual format. In doing so, we have discovered our heart connections develop and remain as powerful as ever. All women are welcome. We encourage those interested in attending future gatherings, whether virtual or in person, to connect with us for information on upcoming events.



We believe women of wisdom hold the keys to Earth’s transformation. It is of utmost importance that we help mend the broken spirits of our sisters so our grandmother energy can have a healing effect on the earth and humanity.

We come together annually to recognize, honor and uphold the Divine Feminine in each other and in the world. We believe our circles of connection create an energy that has a ripple effect out into the world.

For over 25 years, the Grandmothers have been providing sacred space for women to meet in

small and large circles. During that time, it was decided to adapt Circle Practice as presented in  Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea's PeerSpirit Circle Practice (now called the Circle Way).

During a year of thoughtful planning, a Gathering is offered by each year’s weavers bringing together the container for women to participate in circles for healing and empowerment.


Each gathering begins by forming a large circle that serves as a sacred container for our opening ceremony. The remainder of the time is dedicated to small circles exploring our Gathering topic through our personal experiences, while honoring and appreciating the sacred. We follow the practices and principles of the Circle Way.


There are opportunities for personal creative expressions and manifestation throughout the Gathering. There is also safe space to recognize and express our authentic selves in our Gathering.


Gatherings are also a time to restore and participate in Ceremony. There is often drumming, smudging with sage, pipe ceremony, various exercises, engaging the talking bowl,readings,  chanting and other sweat lodge and other offerings. Women together sharing as wise women with common goals and that primary goal in all ways is to improve and sustain a better life for the next seven generations on this sacred Mother Earth, Gaia.


Some of what takes place is a smudging, an opening exercise, readings, passing of a talking bowl, drumming, singing and discovering from one another what we as wise women in our communities can experience to improve all life on this sacred Mother Earth!




We had a wonderful time together during our 2021 Gathering via Zoom. The topic was on Experiencing and Enhancing the Sacred in our Lives. It was a half day, four-hour Gathering held on Friday, September 24, 2021.  

For more information about our upcoming gatherings, we encourage you to join our private Facebook Group and sign up for our emails. You may also reach out to us through this website and we will respond as quickly as we can.