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Influenced by ancient ritual, the Grandmothers gather in a circle, pass a talking piece from person to person and speak deeply from the heart. The result of this simple, but profound practice is a strong bond built around communication, mutual support, teamwork and social change. The circle is also symbolic. It represents the stages of life. It is eternal, as it has no beginning and end. The influence of the circle is boundless, however, the center remains intact. Individually, the Grandmothers are celebrated for their wisdom and leadership. Collectively, their passion has the power to change the world.


The circle is deeply symbolic within the Council of Grandmothers, and it collectively represents the power of these women in relation to each other and the influence they seek to have on the world. 


The circle as the literal shape in which the Grandmothers gather is inspired by the methodology founded by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea in 1992. It is favored for its democratic structure that allows everyone to contribute to the group. This is where women find empowerment, develop tight-knit bonds with each other, and connect to their voice and passion that can create a ripple effect for change well beyond the physical circle. 


The circle also represents the circle of life. Despite what its name may suggest, the Council of Grandmothers encourages women of all ages to participate. By involving maidens, mothers and elders, the circle is complete, and the mission to heal the world becomes a legacy that has no end.